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Access to local wild caught seafood by the general community is becoming a concern in Australia. Not only are more and more healthy sustainable and valuable fishing grounds being locked up, Govt regulation is handicapping commercial fishing to the point where many operations are becoming unviable.


Even though consumers want to buy local, and are very much aware of the superior eating quality of local wild caught seafood, it’s still hard to get. The following listings (below) are members of the That’s Wild! brand. These people support the project financially and, along with many other fishing families and seafood suppliers go the extra mile to show that they are doing the right thing.

Australian communities expect that not only should consumers have secure access to affordable local seafood, but that commercial fishermen, as custodians of marine resources, love and care for the environment as well.


That’s Wild! is about telling our stories. In a world where bad news travels fast, and where so many conservationist groups base their business models around inciting anger and concern from potential donors to be profitable, untruths abound. While we can’t really do much about these immoral activities, That’s Wild! provides a means of developing resources to help promote all the good things about local Australian wild caught seafood.


The Fishermens Portal Inc. supports That’s Wild! in many ways. The Portal has a huge network both formally with well over 200 financial members and informally with over 900 subscribers to our regular newsletter.


Late in 2018, the Portal teamed up, with the Green Shirts Movement. The alliance makes us a powerful particpant within the primary producer sector, we have a long way to go.


We regularly publish material for circulation so if you are a retailer and would like to order please don't hesitate to call. We supply labels for packaging and every That’s Wild! member receives a complimentary label for their boat, shop or truck. Members are also promoted through this website. Just call Robert, to find out more about how to become a That’s Wild! member and see what’s in it for you. As Chairman of the Portal I am forever getting inquiries about who people can buy fish from. These inquiries come people who are off the street walk-ins through to small seafood outlets to big wholesalers. I always refer them to our That’s Wild! Members list.

If you are looking for buyers, some companies are on the buyers list in this website for your convenience.



Robert Pender




TomKat Line Fish is a unique family fishing business operating out of picturesque Kurrimine Beach, Far North Queensland.

Our vision is to be identified as a leading supplier of premium quality, wild caught reef fish.

Our benchmark is to exceed freshness and deliver guaranteed traceability.

Our story begins in the pristine waters of the Outer Great Barrier Reef and continues through the complete process of harvesting, processing and marketing top-quality reef fish direct to consumers.

Our aim is to fish sustainably, reduce wastage and maintain the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.



 P: 0409 293 013




Ash’s Holiday Units Karumba


With great accommodation at Karumba Point, your home away from home, Ash’s is a fun place to stay. Hosts Mark and Yvonne are professional and proudly support the local community and fishing industry.

Ash’s famous fish and chips always comes home as a top dining experience. Never miss!

Mark handles all the seafood and will buy nothing but the best. If you are looking for top quality Gulf seafood this is where you have to be!



B: 07 4745 9132



BETH WARD and her family have been fishing in the Cape and the Gulf since the fishery was first established. Pioneers of these waters, fishing is definitely in their blood and always will be.

With the fifth generation of her family now learning the ropes we know that future custodians of our local natural resources are being taught well to properly respect and love the environment we all depend on.

The Gulf fishing industry is in great shape and the fishing community acknowledges Beth and her family for all the work they do to keep it that way.





“I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, to help the reef we need facts not fiction.

Fabricated research definitely doesn't help.” (Chris Bolton on issues concerning the GBR)



A family owned and operated fishing business. Supplying Australia with supreme quality fish, direct from our boat to you. Qld Fishing licence 13193.


Chris is a great advocate for no nonsense competent professional commercial fishing operations. Check out his Facebook Page for plenty of interesting information about commercial fishing.


470 Murdering Point Road

Kurrimine Beach


DANE KING has fished in the East Coast fishery for many years.

Dane and Leanne have a considerable portfolio of fishing licenses covering the East Coast and Gulf of Carpentaria.

He is also a Board member of The Fishermens Portal Inc. Please contact Dane about almost anything to do with the Qld commercial fishing industry and seafood sales and supplies. He's only too happy to point you in the right direction.

Ph: 0400644692

D J, a second-generation fisherman has been fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria for more than 30 years.

Together, he and his wife Donna and now, their son Matthew supply frozen filleted, Barra, King Salmon, Grunter, and other species direct to the public and/or wholesale.

You can contact Donna or D J for orders large and small. Product is available direct to the public in Townsville

P 0429021536

Jeff and Sandy Newman started professional barramundi fishing in the late 1970’s on the east coast around his hometown of Innisfail before heading around to Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria, where he fished for several years, sometimes with his brother and other times with a boat of his own. In the mid 1980’s Jeff was joined by his now wife Sandi.

The couple bought their first boat “ANN MAREE” and set out to produce the highest quality product of organic wild caught frozen barramundi fillets possible. Always believing that every Australian has the right to enjoy delicious, healthy wild caught fish, their aim was to ensure that even people who could not get out to fish themselves would still be able to enjoy this tasty wonderful product.

P 04127654659


Karumba Point Holiday & Tourist Park

07 4745 9306


A unique family owned and run park and your home away from home. A short walk to the Tavern, Boat ramp and shops. Karumba Point Holiday and Tourist Park is a major participant in local community events. Here you usually can purchase 5 kg and 10 blocks of top quality frozen seafood. 

There's a free bar-b-q once a week, unsually local wild caught seafood. Drop in and say hello to the friendly staff.

Check out thier details:



Michael (ACCO) crabs in the Gulf from Karumba.

He is always ready to help if anyone needs it, from his close friends to strangers, he’s a champion. (Some know him as Capitan Crabclause the casual crabber!)

It’s great to have fishermen like Michael in the industry. Michael can help people and businesess with the supply of local Gulf mud crabs.

P 0467525224




Food Packaging & Material Handling Specialists


Oceanic Agencies is an independent Queensland based business working collaboratively with the Australian Seafood and Meat industries to provide specialist solutions for meat & seafood packaging.

Our expertise lies in our ability to successfully work with clients throughout Australasia to customise their unique packaging requirements.

We pride ourselves on a reputation that has been gained through a process of consultation and development with our clients.

Oceanic Agencies offers clients the opportunity to reduce costs without compromising on quality and on any style of packaging. We are focused on providing high-quality packaging and service and always strive to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction.



Torres Strait Seafoods



Mob ‭0427 691 509

Sonia Einersen

Bungalow Qld 4870




Buying mudcrab and trout from local fishermen

Scott and Terri Stevens


Scott and Terri are hugely popular in the commercial fishing sector and the local community. They have set a standard and have a reputation for top shelf product every time.

Supplying filleted and fresh whole fish on ice:

Barra, King Salmon, Blue Salmon, Grunter, Queenfish, Pomfret, Mackerel


0437227 000



Marto’s Wild Caught Seafood

Stephen and Madelene Martin


Stephen and Madelene are fishermen from Burketown in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria. Supplying top quality local seafood direct to the public from their retail outlets and to wholesalers. 

P: 0747 455 057



Burktown (Gulf of Carpentaria)

Terry O'Brien

Terry has fished the East Coast of Queensland and the Gulf of Carpentaria since the early 80's. He is an experienced fisherman who is guaranteed to supply a top product.

Terry’s primary species are mudcrab and mackerels and to a lesser extent, other species.

Terry is one of those people who makes it look easy no matter what they do.

Recently, Terry has begun working together with Scott Stevens. These guys are a great team and certainly show us a snap shot of what the future of Queensland’s inshore fisheries will look like


P: 0428733367



Oceans Best Seafood Beerwah,


A specialist seafood retailer that offers premium fresh and cooked seafood, burgers and the best homemade potato scallops.

P: 0417 650 711


Michael Thompson 0417 650 711 Supplier and seafood outlet. Fish buyer and fisherman.

Michael is an advisor to the Portal Board

Steve Engle

Spplier: Mudcrab, Spanish Mackerel

P 0438 372 399‬

Moffat Beach Qld



Phone 0447 824 486


                         These guys are That’s Wild! members too!!

Arron Dale:               Brisbane   0437 313 797  Supplier Bait (Bloodworm)

Robert Phillips:         Bowen       0419 761 647 Supplier: Reef Fish

Michael Sawtell:      Mackay      0409 473 110 Supplier: Reef Fish

Selwyn Zurvas:        Rockhampton  Mudcrab

Jock Raymond:        Gladstone  ‭0455 314 289‬ Supplier: Mudcrab



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